As was common in resorts and lodges of old, Terrace Beach Retreat includes an onsite family owner and managers.  To make Terrace Beach Retreat a vacation respite for all guests the following policies we developed : 

Terrace Beach Retreat is not a location for a loud party, as we are located in a residential area.   


Condition of Cottage: The renter is responsible for leaving the cottage in the condition in which it was upon arrival.  This includes, sweeping, wiping countertops, washing, drying and putting away dishes and cooking utensils, shaking rugs, making beds and returning any moved furniture to its original position.

Boats:   If you or anyone in your party would like to bring a boat, please let us know in advance the type of boat (including weight) you are considering so we can let you know if it will work on our property and what the additional charges will be. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful view of the length of Green Lake.  However, this means that we also get the brunt of the wind and waves coming across the 7½ mile lake during storms and when winds come up, sometimes without warning. Boats can be exceedingly hard on piers and piers are very expensive!  Therefore, boats may only be tied to the pier long enough to load/unload IF THE LAKE IS CALM and the driver is experienced with boats.  Boats are never allowed to be tied to the pier overnight.  Boats may be launched at Sunset Park, which is ½ mile south of our property.

Sheets/Towels: We provide one set of sheets per bed and one set of bath towels per guest.  Guests are asked to bring additional bath towels if they wish to have more than one set for the duration of their stay.  Please bring your own beach towels. Mattress pads, comforters, blankets and pillows are also provided as well as one hand towel per sink, hand soap at each sink, and one set of dish towels.


Visitors: Rates are based on cottage and numbers of guests.  Individuals in excess of the reservation can impede the enjoyment of our property to you and others.  Each additional person on the property also causes us to incur additional expenses.  To be fair to all paying guests, visitors are expected to be of infrequent and of limited duration.  Visitors must be preapproved by owners/managers.  We reserve the right to limit the number of visitors allowed.


Pets: We love pets, however, for the comfort and safety of all of our guests and neighbors, pets cannot be allowed.  Area kennels include:

            Green Lake Area Animal Shelter, Green Lake:

            Marcie’s Pet Spa, Ripon: (search Marice’s Pet Spa)

            Kritter Kastle, Rosendale:

            Peterson’s Happiness Acres, Berlin:

            Curve Crest Kennels Canine Country Club, Oshkosh:


Children: We adore children, however, no special efforts have been made to “childproof” this property.  Therefore, guests must accept the risk or harm to any children we allow on the property.  These risks are not limited to, but include access to the lake, ponds, adjacent street and cleaning supplies in the cottages that might be poisonous if ingested.  Guests are also responsible for their children’s behavior.


Assumption Of Risk: No lifeguard is on duty.  The water depth at the end of the pier is about 5 feet and therefore, absolutely no diving is allowed.  Accordingly, persons using the beach do so at their own risk and we assume no responsibility for accident or injury.Terrace Beach Retreat, LLC is not responsible for any and all bodily injury and/or property damage incurred on the property arising out of Renters' negligent acts or omissions.


Fire pit: All of our guests are invited to enjoy the fire pit.  It cannot be reserved for one cottage.  Guests are asked to share it with others accordingly.  Fires must be small and manageable... no 'bonfires' are allowed. Guests are also responsible for extinguishing the fire after use.  Lake water may be used for extinguishing fires.  Guests using the fire pit assume responsibility for their own safety.     

Weather/Lake Conditions: We hope that all of our guests have wonderful weather and a clear, clean lake for the duration of their stay, but obviously we have no control over Mother Nature.  Therefore, there are no refunds due to weather or lake conditions. 


Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in the cottages or on the porches under any circumstances.

Parking: Due to limited parking space, only one car per cottage is permitted to park down the hill by the cottages.  Any extra vehicles must park at the top of the hill.  Please limit the number of vehicles your party brings.  We reserve the right to limit the number of vehicles parked on the property.


Cancellations: Your reservation deposit will be refunded in full if your cancellation is made 21 days prior to the reservation date will. Cancellations made 20 days or less prior to the reservation date are nonrefundable.  

Policies are subject to change.