Boat Lift Rental

We have a 5,000 lb. maximum capacity manual ShoreStation that can accommodate both v-hull and pontoon-style boats available for our guests to rent during their stay.  Maximum capacity includes the weight of the boat itself plus the weight of gasoline and any gear.  Please contact us directly in advance by phone or email if you are interested in bringing a boat (the boat lift cannot be reserved through our website).  We will need to know the type of boat (including weight) that you are considering so we can let you know if it will work on our lift, if the lift is available and what the charge will be. 


We are very fortunate to have a wonderful view of the length of Green Lake.  However, this means that we also get the brunt of the wind and waves coming across the 7½ mile lake during storms and when winds come up, sometimes without warning.  Large waves can also caused by passing boat traffic. Boats can be exceedingly hard on piers and piers are very expensive!  Therefore, guests who bring a boat and wish to load/unload here must rent the lift, as boats are not allowed to be tied to our pier.  Boats may be launched at Sunset Park, which is ½ mile south of our property, or at the marina in downtown Green Lake, which is about 2 miles from us. 

5,000 lb maximum capacity manual ShoreStation.

$75+tax/night or $425+tax/week